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Re: Sean Hannity wins syndication deal

For the record, the NY Daily News had it
first in their early edition(2am) this morning...

Initially, it will be WABC and 5 other ABC owned
WBAP-AM/Dallas and WJR-AM/Detroit....The show
will continue to be streamed as it remains one of
the top-rated programs on-line...

WRKO could potentially place all three ABC
drive shows in its line-up.(with Howie
live;Albom and Hannity on TD). They might have
to find new (later) time for Dr.Laura on the schedule
or perhaps cut her loose altogether but Hannity
is a rising star right now with the hottest show
on cable and a top afternoon drive program in NYC....

As far as the 'biggest launch' goes, it's a temporary
record. Wait until ABC signs up Clinton...


--- Richard Chonak <rac@gabriel.cambridge.ma.us> wrote:
> Matt Drudge reports on his web site that Sean Hannity's daily WABC talk
> show is going nationwide starting September 18.
> http://www.drudgereport.com/hannity.htm
>  "Stations in Los Angeles [KABC], San Francisco [KSFO], Washington, D.C.
>  [WMAL], Dallas [WBAP], Detroit [WJR] and elsewhere will now carry
>  Hannity hours... it is the biggest launch, out-of-the-box, for a
>  political talkshow that radio has ever seen!" said one insider.'
> For East Coast stations, I'm not sure that bumping a local drive-time
> show (e.g., WMAL's Chris Core) is a good idea.
> --RC

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