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Re: Sean Hannity wins syndication deal

> Matt Drudge reports on his web site that Sean Hannity's daily WABC
> show is going nationwide starting September 18.
> --RC

Alan Colmes, in the closing of Hannity and Colmes on FoxNews last
night, made the announcement but said it was effective today.
(Perhaps on a start-up group?)  I would definitely tune in to Sean.
When the days darken sooner and I can catch WABC easily, he's a
destination in the car.  He's solo on many angles, it seems.  E.g.,
infidelity of a pol and the oft associated personality
characteristics: how can those characteristics not filter across to
political/work ethics and behavior? No one else seems to ask that with
such consistency.  I am also impressed with how well he works with
Alan Colmes (mutual generosity and professionalism, working the
elements, if not respect.)

I wish him well and hope for an affil in my neck of the woods.

What does this mean for Howie Carr (Entercom product) syndicator
status in ABC Radio, Sean's base of ops?  Not only in Boston but in
Burlington, VT?

Bill O'Neill