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RE: Sean Hannity wins syndication deal

Not to offend Howie either....but might he be the "AAA" team (maybe lower
costs, or less mandatory network ads per hr) to Hannity's "Major League"?

Say Hannity in Detroit, Howie in Grand Rapids, Hannity in Chicago, Howie in
Gary Ind.....etc

-Paul Hopfgarten
-Derry NH

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> > Also, ABC owns the Hannity effort.....while Entercom owns the Howie
> > effort...does this have a bearing...?
> No slight to Howie, but I suspect Disney wanted a PM drive talk host
> with more national appeal -- and Hannity's exposure on FNC gives him a
> great deal more name-rec. both in the trade and out than Carr has ever
> had.  (I hope everyone noted that the stations listed were all Disney
> O&Os.)
> -GAWollman