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Re: Sean Hannity wins syndication deal

--- Mark <bostonradio@yahoo.com> wrote:

> For the record, the NY Daily News had it
> first in their early edition(2am) this morning...

But no one reads the Daily News.  ;-)

> As far as the 'biggest launch' goes, it's a
> temporary
> record. Wait until ABC signs up Clinton...

I can't imnagine Bubba putting himself in a position
where people/callers could possibly 'diss' him or
question him on matters.  

I also can't imagine him putting himself where every
aspect of 'image control' wasn't under careful

Maybe it won't be a 'talk show' per se, I could see
him doing an interview-type show....much like Larry
king (maybe without calls)...much like Edward R.
Murrows old interview programs...or Charlie Rose, etc 

I don't know if anyone would actually listen...



Joe Pappalardo


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