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Re: An interesting morning in Radio DXing.....

That means that WDRE must be pretty far out on the 
Island, and I thought it was in Garden City. The New 
York City Class Bs are spaced every 800 kHz starting at 
92.3. There's one at 97.1, 97.9, 98.7, 99.5, and so on 
right up to 107.5. (Yeah, I know, 93.1 is licensed to 
Paterson (originally, Alpine), 94.7 and 100.3 to Newark, 
and 103.5 to Lake Success.) The suburban Class As are 
400 kHz from the New York City Class Bs. If WDRE is in 
the low 98s, it would then be at 98.3, although I recall 
that frequency as being in Hempstead--once WHNY and WHLI-
FM. I have a hunch that WDRE is at 97.5. Somebody please 
clear this up.
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> Not to nitpick, but WDRE is 98.5.