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RE: RE: GE SuperRadios

The Radio Shack DX-398 is, of course a re-badged Sangean ATS-909. Radio
Shacks Web site is advertising it on sale for $100 off, ($150 instead of
$250). At that price it's a really good deal.

73, de Hakim (N1ZFF)

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Here, here! I  concur with Paul's remarks on the RS-398. A couple of years
ago or so my wife, out of the blue, not knowing anything about radios got me
one for my birthday. I haven't yet stopped worshiping the ground she walks
on yet over it....

Nice FM on it, love the "RDS" feature too. I do not, however, like the AM
audio quality on it, even when you patch it into a recorder or amplifier.
The wideband on AM needs to be opened up a little more. But then I have
other radios I can use to try to get the most out of a good AM signal anyhow
when I want to make a recording/aircheck. Sony SRF-A1 win wideband mode is
great, especially if you got an AM stereo station. Then I have the GE Super
Radio III. Also I use the Radio Shack TM 152, which is also AM stereo. I got
good higher end off of it but the lower end of the audio spectrum rolls off
a bit. I did most of my testing with the TM 152 at the station I worked at
(WGSR 1570) to archive some my DJ shows and production features off the air.
We have a really nice transmitter Nautel Solid State 10KW ND-10 and
processor (Orban 9200). I think it does well for audio quality. I don't know
if I'll ever own a Carver tuner for AM... so I have to patch together what I

Ron Gitschier
FL Straits

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> My RS DX-398 is my best FM DXer while my GE SuperadioIII is definitely my
> best AM DXer...
> -Paul Hopfgarten
> -Derry NH