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RE: GE SuperRadios

On Mon, 27 Aug 2001, Hakim Madjid wrote:

> The Kloss Tivoli radio is very good for the money on FM. However I bought
> one of the first units to hit the market last fall, and it does have  one
> minor design defect/ QC problem. Namley that the metal speaker girlle isn't
> attached securly enough and keeps falling off. Other than that the radio

Have you notified the manufacturer about it?  They might repair it for you
if it's under warranty.  If not, you can try opening the set up and
looking for some little tabs on the rear of the grille.  Bend them back
against the front panel.  That should hold them in.  To stop any potential
rattling, you can put a TINY dab of glue (hot glue-gun glue is the best
for this) on each spot where a tab touches the panel.  

But tell the manufacturer first to see if they can do it for you under
warranty.  And thanks for the info because now I know what to look for
when I start shopping around for one!! :)

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