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RE: GE SuperRadios

The Kloss Tivoli radio is very good for the money on FM. However I bought
one of the first units to hit the market last fall, and it does have  one
minor design defect/ QC problem. Namley that the metal speaker girlle isn't
attached securly enough and keeps falling off. Other than that the radio
seems to be fine. I can an adequately the local Boston FMs just by attaching
the inculded wire antenna.

Defintely not a DX machine, as you point out.

73, de Hakim (N1ZFF)

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Some people swear by the Henry
Kloss Tivoli Model 1.  It's got a very sensitive FM tuner (with an
external antenna) and very nice sound - I've heard them play.  The AM
tuner however, is a nonstarter.  It may pick up some strong local stations
but it is not good for AM DX.

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