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Re: RE: GE SuperRadios

...which begs the question.....is there any single unit that provides high quality AM Dxing AND FM DXing, or is that just not possible in a single unit?

My RS DX-398 is my best FM DXer while my GE SuperadioIII is definitely my best AM DXer...

-Paul Hopfgarten
-Derry NH

Most people say the Bose Wave Radio is overrated.  I think so too.  The
sound in my opinion is very very muddy.  Some people swear by the Henry
Kloss Tivoli Model 1.  It's got a very sensitive FM tuner (with an
external antenna) and very nice sound - I've heard them play.  The AM
tuner however, is a nonstarter.  It may pick up some strong local stations
but it is not good for AM DX.

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