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RE: GE SuperRadios

You live in Southwest Harbor, eh?? My family stays @ the Harbor Ridge resort
every summer... and I've DXed up there.. haven't made a list yet, I will
next year when I bring a laptop computer with me.. but several times i've
gotten Boston stations Star 93.7, Kiss 108, Mix 98.5 up there.. especially
on cool clear mornings. The AM signals are very good there as well. It's
also a real nice town to be in... lol.


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The GE SuperRadio-III is usually available at the Reny's Department
stores scattered around Maine.

Note that most of the radios are "refurbished", (as in
factory-serviced). But for the price you probably can't go wrong. I
bought one last summer to replace my 17-year-old GE SuperRadio-I. It was
on sale for $29.95.
But, take note that the new SuperRadio-IIIs
are notorious to us DXers for widely varying quality-control.. Some work
like charms, others are lemons. The refurbished one I got works well,
although the AM tuning dial was 30khz off, and I had to pull it apart
and re-calibrate and adjust the tuning capacitor..a real pain.

I will NOT recommend the SuperRadios for FM DX. Selectivity is
atrocious, and the FM antenna is quite flimsy. Connecting an external FM
antenna will result in severe overload.

On a side-by-side comparison my Original GE SR-I  is slightly more
sensitive than the SR-III and much more solidly built. On the other hand
the SR3 has a wide/normal band range switch and does have a fuller
richer sound for music.

On a related note..Has anybody tried the Bose WaveRadios for DX? My
folks have one, and when over at their place in NH last week I was
surprised at how sensitive it was on AM. The FM also  sounds great...but
then for $349 it should.

Rod O'Connor
Southwest Harbor, Maine