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Re: this week in review....

Dan wrote...

>> There is nothing in statute that limits station ownership by audience
The Telecom Act simply limits the number of stations owned.  <<

i'll disagree with you on that one, Dan.  the original frenzy was beget a
few years ago, but with that was the knowledge/restriction that an owner
could not acquire additional stations, which based on the most recent
ratings report, would garner them a substantial share of the market by way
of that acquisition. again, my recollection of that was around 30 percent.
i recall having these discussions with Bob Gold, who was then the owner of
WPOR, and was in the process of passing the reins of his once mighty machine
to Saga.  i recall his sigh of relief when the numbers were released and the
aggregate total was within acceptable parameters.
now, whether or not that "acquisition" guideline is still in effect?  i
dunno.  i'm just a dumb, unemployed jock.  (alright, a dumb, unemployed,
wiseass jock.... duckin' and grinnin' back across to my ice, cold Molson
Golden Ale...clean and crisp from Canada!  Canada, where your American
dollar just keeps going and going and going...)

- -Chuck (who had the pleasure of bustin' Dan's chops on the hitline one day
while he was doing a FANTASTIC job of middays on Oldies 100.9) Igo