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Re: Is It My Radio?

Do what I do now: listen to shortwave. Yes, you have your share of trash
there too, mostly in the form of conspiracy theorists, religious zealots
and scam artists and other weird stuff; but for every one of those there's
still a Radio Netherlands or Radio Canada churning out intelligent,
enlightening and entertaining material. Yes, the BBC might not be pointing
a signal at us but at least in the northeastern parts of the US, you can
still hear them fine on 49 meters at night. Finally, these stations listen
to their audience and actively solicit feedback. A Sony 7600G with AM sync
detector is only $150 at You-Do-It Electronics in Dedham and even cheaper
online. $150 may not be cheap in terms of radios, but what's your sanity


On Fri, 24 Aug 2001, Bill O'Neill wrote:

> I popped on the Bose radio in the kitchen yesterday.  Five seconds of
> Don & Mike uttering the words, "penis, breasts and a monkey" <click>
> unfortunately, this is in front of my two pre-teen kids.  My hand to
> the tuner was like watching a slo-mo car wreck film.  Then <click> up
> pops the afternoon guy on WGY apparantly with his spouse live on the
> phone, "Honey, did sex work for you last night?"  I figure NPR can't
> hurt, <click> "...believe the Congressman indeed have sex with Chandra
> Levy whom many presume to be dead."  By this time, I'm on a mission.
> <click> "The world will end and we'll all go straight to Hell."
> <click> <SFX of an over-acting female sex partner> <click> Off.
> Bill O'Neill
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> "Be well, do good work, and keep in touch." Garrison Keillor