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Is It My Radio?

I popped on the Bose radio in the kitchen yesterday.  Five seconds of
Don & Mike uttering the words, "penis, breasts and a monkey" <click>
unfortunately, this is in front of my two pre-teen kids.  My hand to
the tuner was like watching a slo-mo car wreck film.  Then <click> up
pops the afternoon guy on WGY apparantly with his spouse live on the
phone, "Honey, did sex work for you last night?"  I figure NPR can't
hurt, <click> "...believe the Congressman indeed have sex with Chandra
Levy whom many presume to be dead."  By this time, I'm on a mission.
<click> "The world will end and we'll all go straight to Hell."
<click> <SFX of an over-acting female sex partner> <click> Off.

Bill O'Neill
"Be well, do good work, and keep in touch." Garrison Keillor