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RE: GE Super Radio

I have a GE SRIII and the only thing that I can say is that the tuning
drifts a little. I make it a point to center my tuning, especially if I'm
using it for making an aircheck. Most everyone knows that the dial settings
are off, but when you know thee local radio dial, you pretty much don't need
the gift of sight to zero your station in.

PS I also hate how it overloads at a transmitter site. I brought it to work
to show off the audio fidelity to the then-station manager (WGSR 1570) and
ended up with egg on my face. My DX-398 can be on the transmitter case and
not overload, or even a foot from the tower at 10kw and still hold it's own.
Same for my airchecking mule the Sony SFS-B13.... oops I've forgotten the
model... least expensive SONY AM/FM cass recorder boombox. $37 retail...

Ron Gitschier
AKA R.F. Burns
Offshore Puerto Rico

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> Dan mentioned the GE Super Radio as a good choice for AM. I agree & and
> the
> FM section's not bad either!
> Mark Casey