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Re: Re: Heat Wave Triggers Demise of the Elderly; WCRB Arbitrends(tm) Decline

Glavin the Gabber writes:
> This is roughly the second anniversary of the removal of the Metropolitan
> broadcasts from WCRB.  The station took a critical and journalistic hit at
> time

This comment, of course, is coming from an unbiased source, but when did
WCRB ever take a journalistic hit? I don't remember either paper criticizing
their decision.

> afterwards, they seem to have adopted a policy of hiding from view
> since then.

Hiding from view?

> BTW, another SHOCKING item in the latest Arbitrends:
> the appearance of WUNR-1600 AM.
> This is a REAL insult to WWZN-AM 1510 when they can't get any numbers at
> but the weakest ethnic outlet can.

It's all a writeoff for Paul Allen.