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Dick Albert Off WCVB 11PM News Temporarily

    Just when you thought things had quited down at WCVB after the recent
axing of " 5 on 5" and Dixie Whatley's departure, there's more news out of 5
TV Place:

According to a report in today's Boston Herald, WCVB meterologist Dick
Albert has asked to be taken off the weeknight 11PM news temporarily, for
personal reasons. Albert will continue his forecasting duties on the 5, 5:30
and 6PM newscasts. Early AM/Noon meterologist David Brown will handle
weather duties for the Noon and 11PM newscasts. Brown's place on the early
AM "Eyeopener" newscasts will be taken by weekend meterologist Mark
Rosenthal, and NECN's weekend meterologist JC Monahan will also fill in on
the early news on Channel 5 as needed.

    Mark Watson