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RE: Impressive Broadcast Tower Sites

> 	Ok, speaking about towers,
> 	WLLH 1400 Lawrence, MA's remaining rooftop tower - Looking at the
> photo I took a couple of years ago it seems that maybe that the top
> sections of the guy wires on the top are actually part of the antenna
> (making some kind of inverted vee)???? I failed to see any insulators in
> the area of where the tower and guys meet on the top. Maybe Dan Guy can
> comment (could you ask him, Gary?), now that he's an engineer... With the
> tower looking rather short, maybe the wires are part of that flagpole
> antenna?? What is the legnth of the tower? 
> 	Something I never paid attention to through the years. Then again I
> don't pay attention to much at all in Lawrence. 
> 	Out of state, I have to second the nomination of WSM. Came across it
> in person in 1998 driving from FL to Chicago. Made it a point to seek that
> site out, and glad I stopped. My only problem is that the SLR camera I had
> only had a long lens, so I had to really step back to get good photos of
> this giant. I always like the sight of a diamond Blaw-Knox. Tried to talk
> my then - GM into buying one for 1570 WGSR when the station was being
> totally rebuilt. No dice. Like they're available anyhow... would of been
> mighty nice though. 
> 	Ron Gitschier
> 	(ex: Lowell, MA)
> 	Offshore Jacksonville, FL