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Re: Impressive Broadcast Tower Sites

And, in fact, with 5 kW days on 570 they _should_ have a 
dynamite signal, but they don't. I have a friend in the 
DC area--another radio geek, and he says that the poor 
signal is legendary among DC-area radio afficionados.

Apparently, the TX was moved 20-some years ago because 
of a land-taking at the original site and the new DA 
design was problematic from the get-go. There may be 
only two towers illuminated, but I believe that there 
are either four or five towers altogether. It took years-
-and waivers--to get a license to cover and the array 
(at least the 1-kW night pattern) is allegedly marginal 
at best and unstable besides. My friend tells me that if 
you search the Web long enough and assiduously enough 
you can find a string of postings about the problems 
with the array.

I thought I had seen that, within the last year, the 
station was granted a CP for higher night power (2.2 kW 
if I recall correctly) but I have not been able to find 
a record of the CP at the FCC Web site. So, I suspect 
that someone in engineering at Clear Channel would 
probably like to dynamite the array because of the less 
than dynamite signal.

> > 
> > > WTNT way out near Germantown, Md. Two illuminated towers visible at night
> and Joe Ross countered: 
> > I hear they have a really dynamite signal!  ;->