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RE: "Inside Radio" on WBOT Fines

WBOT(??AM??)was fined $21,500 for the following violations:

*Failure to have operational EAS equipment
*Failure to establish a local or toll free number in it's community of
*Failure to establish monitoring procedures to determine compliance with
73.1560 regarding operating power
*Failure to maintain a station log
*Failure to maintain a public inspection file

To read the full violation click here



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> Subject: "Inside Radio" on WBOT Fines
> "inside Radio" reported that a station identified as WBOT-AM(!)
> received multitudinous fines for a number of infractions, including
> not having anyone monitor its transmissions and not even having a
> phone number in its city of license.  Of course, the fact that IR
> labeled it an AM station indicates that its reporting of this item
> is therefore suspect.  Does anyone out there have any more reliable
> info on this?
> Laurence Glavin
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