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Re: Heat Wave Triggers Demise of the Elderly; WCRB Arbitrends(tm) Decline

Let's cut to the chase....Since we all know your
feelings about WCRB and how classical music should be

Should WCRB be operated as a museum...

       ...or should it be run as a business.  

WCRB is still one of the best, most sucessful
classical stations in the country.  Both from a
business standpoint...and from a programming

Many markets have lost their classical outlet...here
in Boston WCRB has been sucessful at attracting more
people to the format than any of their "high brow"
counterparts in many other cities.  

ONE "trend"...in the *summer*...is hardly a nosedive. 
And you will see 3-4 other stations in Boston with
similar numbers.  For a Classical station to be
competitive with the other 'mainstream formats' used
to be unheard of.  


--- Dan Billings <dib9@gwi.net> wrote:
> Laurence:
> I can't tell Beethoven from Bach and I have never
> listened to WCRB, but your
> one note posts got old a long-time ago.
> -- Dan Billings, Bowdoinham, Maine

Joe Pappalardo


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