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Re: Boston FMs

Whats the technical term I've heard used on this list
for that before, the tropo?  And would somebody mind
responding to me off list if necessary to explain
exactly how this tropo works, when it "opens up" and
whatnot.  I'm a bit confused about it

                          Matt Osborne
                          Hyde Park, NY

P.S - Was travelling on the NYS Thruway (I-87) between
Exits 21A and 21B recently, and picked up KFKF-FM
Kansas City, MO clearly for quite a few miles.

On Mon, 20 Aug 2001 11:15:41 Bob Nelson wrote: 

> Maybe some kind of "skip" (happens at certain times
> of year). Last week here on Boston's North Shore
> I was getting FMs from southern CT very well.
> Depending on the time of year, you can sometimes
> get some FMs from amazingly long distances. 

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