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Nice Header (was: Rush (was a header that Bill didn't like))

> Yes, Rush is the gold standard.
> We are talking about commercial radio and quality is judged by
> success.  In that way, cash does follow quality.
> -- Dan Billings, Bowdoinham, Maine

A disadvantage is that I don't really dislike Rush and usually "get"
him, issues notwithstanding.  What I read between the lines as to what
actually propelled Rush into the stratosphere of remuneration - he is
benefitting from being in the employ of the largest radio conglomerate
that has the enviable ability to "must-carry" their "gold standard"
wherever they choose and for reasons that do not _necessarily_ speak
to historical Rush results-by-market.  They could, inevitably,
artificially influence market presence of a show, that if it had to
stand on its own based on pure "radio quality," would likely meet with
more resistance.  It's almost like a welfare program/security blanket.

As for Rush's big bucks, if his bosses were just going to pocket it, I
guess the talent should get a piece, instead.  I'm curious what the
carry-fees will be for the stations.  As for the O&Os, the high fees
assessed the station by corporate will be akin to what other
businesses do: have their "realty trust" pay outlandish fees back to
the mothership.

Bill O'Neill