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Re: Portland Ratings (one correction)

Chuck:  You were right, R&R Online is wrong.  WYNZ (Oldies 100.9) had a 6.7
rating last spring, not an 8.7 as reported on the R&R site.  This spring's
7.3 12+ rating is the best ever for the station under Saga's ownership.
WYNZ also ended up #2 in the important 25-54 demo for Spring 2001, second
only to WBLM.

-- Dan Billings, Bowdoinham, Maine
    Proud Oldies 100.9 part-timer

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> to all:  sorry about my mistaking this as WYNZ's best book ever.  as i can
> plainly see, without my sneaker in my mouth and obscuring my vision,
> 100.9 did have an 8.7 last spring.
> that is all.