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Re: Portland Ratings (one correction)

Bill O wrote:
> Aw shucks, Chuck.  I guess it's a good thing that I left out that I'd
> considered marketing a "radio condom" for shows that try to screw the
> listener.  Sizes "personal stereo" to "woof."  It would be a rare
> opportunity to gain and lose fidelity at the same time.

that's funny stuff, right there!  (i'm still LMAO over the thought that they
(Don&Mike) have that "medium market sound down...")
to be honest, though?  the last funny bit i heard Stern do about sex was in
the mid 80's... his apartment was being de-bugged, so he and the wifey moved
in with his Mom&Pop for the week.  Then, the realization, while sleeping in
his boyhood bed, that he'd never heard the kind of sounds he'd come to
associate with husband&wife doing a husband&wife thing...  so after much
speculation on the air, he calls his Mom.  she answers the phone with a very
curt:  "Howard... Don't You Dare." and hung up.  then came the jingle (on 66
W Nnnnnnn BC) followed by a Cyndi Lauper thing or maybe Huey Lewis.  (used
to get a great 66 skip while waiting for The Million Dollar Bridge to close
(a draw-bridge)).
that was pretty funny.  of course, it was a simpler time.  back when you got
a big, syndicated network gig by being both creative and good.  professional
used to come into play, but nowadays, a pro is anyone who takes money for
doing something.  no longer is it required to do that something well.

- -Chuck Igo