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Re: Portland Ratings

last one out of the 98.9 studio, turn out the lights.
wow.  it's pretty amazing to see some of the numbers in Portland, most
staggering being the combined 33+ share of Citadel's stations (four out of
the top 7... and not one of them rhymes with "The Joint").
And very interesting to see that WYNZ, with its best book ever, beats not
only in-house bretheren WGAN & WZAN, but also WPOR and WMGX.
did i mention that 98.9 The Point did not fare too well?  nothin' against
what they thought they wanted to do at the onset, or what they think they
want to do now.  if anyone, by the way, has a clue as to what that is?  let
us know.  with courtesey copies to Brian Phoenix, Dan Billings and Scott
Jones... 3 gentlemen who had fun during a time when alternative radio was
cut from a different cloth.

- -Chuck Igo