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What's The Point ? (was Portland Ratings)

The big problem with the station is that they drove off all the AAA
listeners when they switched from WCLZ to the Point and have done nothing to
get them back.  They morphed to a AAA format earlier this year, but unless
you were part of the very small group that was already listening to the
station, you wouldn't know it.  Citadel has done little to promote the
format change at the Point to try to get the old WCLZ listeners back.

I don't know enough about what AAA stations are doing today to being able to
tell if the Point is playing the right mix of new music.  I do recognize a
lot of the older music from WCLZ.  I also chuckle whenever I hear them talk
about "the New Music file" which was a WCLZ staple.

I don't think the kind of people who are interested in a AAA station want to
hear the kind of morning show that Lori Vornis does.  She does not fit the

Is G.V. Rapp still working at WHOM?  If Citadel wants to make AAA work, they
ought to put G.V in charge of the station.  He was the first Program
Director of the alternative WCLZ when they switched from traditional AC to
what was then called "New AC" in 1986.  G.V did afternoons at the station
until 1988, when his duties as General Manager took him off the air and I
took his place on afternoons.  G.V. continued to host the Sunday Morning
Jazz show until the station was sold in January 1990.

-- Dan Billings, Bowdoinham, Maine
    Afternoon Drive, WCLZ, July 1988-January 1990.
    Part-timer, WCLZ, 1993-1997.