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Don & Mike

Does Infinity expect Don & Mike Show affiliate count to increase now
that they're mid-days 10-3 ET?  What's the count now?  They're delayed
to their old 3-7 slot in the Burlington-Plattsburg market (and many
other locs. as well).  They're on WXZO (96.7 Willsboro)//WEAV (960
Plattsburg) - Clear Channel O&Os who carry Rush noon-3.  (They're
carrying CBS Marketwatch drop-ins and other corporate products.)

Interesting that the hosts are trash talking Rush relative to their
last 3 hours, and this market just finished listing to Rush live.   On
the whole, the hosts have that medium market sound down.  Somehow,
when Stern talked about sex with his wife the night before, you still
cared less, but you "got" the bit.  With these guys, you think

Bill O'Neill
"Be well, do good work, and keep in touch." Garrison Keillor