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Re: WBZ Reception Is Worsening

> >>Technical and regulatory issues aside, I suspect that they're not about
> go to the expense of two 50KW transmitters one of which will seen only
> occasional use.<<
> Then you would suspect wrong.  When the cost of being off the air  for
more than a few minutes (i.e., lost revenue and lost audience share) exceeds
the cost of the aux transmitter, the decision to buy a backup is a
no-brainer....and in Boston, as in every major market, being off the air for
about half a day (which is not unusual if something major goes wrong) makes
up that cost and then some.
> I can't speak directly for Mark Manuelian, but I know that all the
Entercom stations in the Boston cluster have full-power aux transmitters.
How often they're on the air is not the point.  The point is that they're
there when we need them.

Not only do most stations have back-up transmitters...but most have a
back-up SITE as well!

If the primary site is inaccessible...with floods, fire, tosic waste,
etc...it doesn't matter if there is a BU TX at that location.

Many of the stations have four full-power transmitters.  (2 at the primary
site...and two at some backup site.)  The non-syingy stations have
full-power backups transmitters...both at the main site and at the back-up


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