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WRKO plays up the "News"

As of today, I'm hearing new liners and promos on
WRKO... they're calling themselves "WRKO News/Talk
680, an Entercom station" and newscasts end with the
liner "now, no-one is more up to date than you".

I get the hunch that WRKO may not necessarily be
adding more newscasts but maybe they're trying to
a) woo news listeners from WBZ, or b) conceding that
given the presence of WTKK, they are no longer 
"The Talk Station" (no longer the only all-talk
outlet in town) or even "Boston's #1 talk station"
(as the last book may have indicated...)

Wonder if WRKO will add bottom of the hour mini-
newscasts? I've heard some affiliates of the Howie
Carr show (like WNNZ, WVMT, and WXTK) do this...

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