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RE: WBZ Reception Is Worsening

<<On Tue, 3 Jul 2001 08:51:22 -0400 , EM1 GITCHIER <RGITSCHIER@doyle.navy.mil> said:

> I don't think that WBZ would want 50kw of RF coming out of that
> wire.

Forgive me for coming in on the discussion rather late....  The
stations at 1200 historically had problems with RFI whenever the WBZ
aux next door was being used.  I'm certain that, now that the stations
at 1170 and 1200 SFR are both owned by Infinity, there is even more
incentive to use the aux only as much as absolutely necessary.

Stations often build less of a backup facility than they might be
authorized.  It's a simple ROI calculation that any fresh-minted MBA
could probably do it his sleep; what's the expected revenue loss from
operating with restricted parameters, and how often will it be
necessary?  Out pops the maximum it makes economic sense to spend on a
backup facility, just the same as if one were buying an insurance