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RE: WBZ Reception Is Worsening

On 29 Jun 2001,  Manuelian, Mark D wrote:

> Just so folks on the list know...we will be repairing the catwalk between
> the towers over the next couple of weeks.  So we will be on the aux from mid
> morning through mid afternoon several days during the next couple of weeks.
Thanks for that information.

I'm curious about something.  Why must WBZ only use 10,000 watts from the 
auxiliary transmitter?  Being a clear-channel station, I would think it 
would be licensed to use full power, even from its auxiliary transmitter.  
I realize that the main transmitter uses a pattern that nulls to the east, 
but that's just the Atlantic Ocean.  Or are there European signals on that 
frequency that WBZ has to protect?

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