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Re: WEVD sale

Well, New York already has 2-1/2 talk stations. Public radio station WNYC
(AM) 820 carries telephone talk much of the day and night (and I believe
gets quite respectable ratings). WNYC's brand of talk (much of it from NPR
and heard here on WBUR) is far superior to the talk on either WOR or WABC.
WNYC has the advantage of a dial position just north of WABC, so New York's
three AM talkers line up next to each other on the dial. Unfortunately
WNYC's night signal, though great for just 1 kW, is just 1 kW and New York's
five boroughs cover almost 400 square miles (and that doesn't count any


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>NYC needs 3 talk stations, but does NOT need 3 sports stations.....
>Remember folks, sports-talk is not anywhere nearly as intellectually
>stimulating as the better talk stations.  'Talk' is often of community or
>national interest.  Sports is not. Aside from trash-talk programs on talk
>stations, the worst talk station is better than the best sports-talk
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><< New York has two sports stations and doesn't need a third.
> New York has two talk stations and DOES need a third?
> Sorry, but the logic escapes me.
>  >>