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RE: WEVD sale

Sven F. Weil wrote:
>But here in New York we already have two full-time sports/talk stations:
>WFAN Sports Radio 66, which takes care of the local stuff
>WSNR Sporting News Radio 62, which gives you a more national perspective (since it's a national network).
>I don't think listeners in New York NEED another sports station.  
>The reason WEVD should either strenghten its talk lineup, or remain 
>the way it is, is because it provides the talk audience with an >alternative to the product on WOR-Radio 710 and WABC-Talk Radio 77.

New York has two sports stations and doesn't need a third. 

New York has two talk stations and DOES need a third?

Sorry, but the logic escapes me.

Roger Kirk