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RE: WEVD sale

I'd think there would be room for a third talk station. I'm not a parton of
sports stations unless I'm interested in a baseball game that's on... 

How ironic, in a sense, that WEVD/1050 is going all sports. This happened
earlier when Emmis bought the station and flipped was it, WHN to WFAN 1050
our nation's first all sports station. We all know that Emmis eventually
moved the station/format to 660. 

I was listening to WEVD earlier from the US Virgin Islands.

Ron Gitschier
Vieques Is. 

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> From:	Roger Kirk [SMTP:rogerkirk@ttlc.net]
> Sven F. Weil wrote:
> >But here in New York we already have two full-time sports/talk stations:
> >WFAN Sports Radio 66, which takes care of the local stuff
> >WSNR Sporting News Radio 62, which gives you a more national perspective
> (since it's a national network).
> >I don't think listeners in New York NEED another sports station.  
> >The reason WEVD should either strenghten its talk lineup, or remain 
> >the way it is, is because it provides the talk audience with an
> >alternative to the product on WOR-Radio 710 and WABC-Talk Radio 77.
> New York has two sports stations and doesn't need a third. 
> New York has two talk stations and DOES need a third?
> Sorry, but the logic escapes me.
> Roger Kirk
> rogerkirk@ttlc.net