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Re: Carroll O'Connor and John Lee Hooker pass on

Interesting to compare the different amount of coverage of these two deaths.
On most of the TV news shows that I watched, Carroll O'Connor rated a full
story and John Lee Hooker received only a brief mention.  In my opinion,
both deserved similar coverage.  O'Connor was more famous and certainly in
the forefront of popular culture, but the blues has had a big influence on
our culture and Hooker was one of the key actors in the development of the
blues.  Can you imagine what rock-n-roll would be without the blues?

O'Connor's death was certainly easier to cover, but the media should also
provide some perspective.  A thoughtful media out let could have reminded
their audience of Hooker's role in teh grwoth of an art form.  Did anyone
notice if NPR or anyone else took this approach?

-- Dan Billings, Bowdoinham, Maine