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Re: EAS System

>Mabe I am smarter then I thought (I assumed that if I was smart, I
>wouldn't have chosen radio as a career path!!! :) ) but what is so hard
>about typing in what is usally a simple password on four buttons after
>pressing the button that says weekly test, and then after the password
>pressing the proceed button? Maybe the logging part might get a little
>difficult, but I would have thought being able to tell time and sign your
>name was pretty easy.... oh well, I guess somehow I am more intelligent
>then I had thought. Maybe this means I am ready for the big markets?
>Jeremy Mixer
>Bangor, Maine

Right, but what ya need to remember is that there are sooooo many different 
types of EAS boxes out there on the market.  They each have a lot of the 
same feature but there are a lot of differences, also.  The one at WHSN, i 
know for a fact, is a bonehead one.  The thing only has 4 buttons on it.  On 
the other hand, one of the older ones, like at WHOU in a little town called 
Houlton, is loaded with buttons.  Thanx!

                                                    Patrick Dow

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