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Re: EAS System

On Fri, 8 Jun 2001, Patrick Dow wrote:

> Right, but what ya need to remember is that there are sooooo many
> different types of EAS boxes out there on the market.  They each have
> a lot of the same feature but there are a lot of differences, also.
> The one at WHSN, i know for a fact, is a bonehead one.  The thing only
> has 4 buttons on it.  On the other hand, one of the older ones, like
> at WHOU in a little town called Houlton, is loaded with buttons.

Hi Pat- long time no see. I told you this in person already but I am going
to post it to the list for the sake of discussion.....Out of all the radio
stations I have seen- WBLM/WCYY/WTPN in Portland, the entire Cumulus
cluster in Bangor, WHSN, and WKIT/WZON, I ahve always seen similar EAS
machines. Yes they may differ some, but they all have the basic concept of
a small LCD display with four buttons underneath......what else is there
for EAS machines? Anything without this?