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102.9 pirate?

Friday morning, around 10:40, I was getting onto 128 North from the Mass
Pike at Weston. I'd been playing a tape, and when I removed it, the car
radio was still tuned to 102.9, which I'd been listening to in

To my surprise, I heard the Four Seasons' "Rag Doll" playing, with
decent signal strength. WDRC-FM? Here? I listened further. The song
ended, followed by several seconds of dead air, then another Four
Seasons song, "Candy Girl." Hmmm. That song ended, more dead air, then
yet another Four Seasons song, which I didn't recognize. By this time,
the signal was getting a little flaky, and it faded into the hash before
the end of the song.

Pirate? Mid-morning on a weekday seems an odd time to fire up a
transmitter. But this obviously wasn't DRC-FM or WBLM. Anyone else ever
heard any unusual activity on 102.9?