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RE: William Pierce of WCRB

Thanks for refreshing my memory,. had forgotten about the 8 Track modules
with the FM tuner until you just brought it up. Some of those didn't work
too well howver due to the quality of the tuner and no provison for an
external antenna.

I seem to also remember a device simlar to the 8 track tuner you describe,
but it was for cassette players. There were separate devices for both AM and

In the late 70s I purchased a really curoius device. It was one of the
Olympus Microcassette recorders. This partiuclar model had an electrical
docking connector on the botom of it. Oylmpus sold various modules that
interfaced to the recorder, among them separate AM and FM tuner modules. So
you could turn the recorder into a radio, and of course record off the air
with this setup.

73, de Hakim (N1ZFF)

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There were also some that were built into a  case that you stuck into your
8-track player/AM radio unit.  The dial and tuning knob were built into
the front part of the "cartridge"  These were sold through Radio Shack's
catalogues as late as 1991.  I remmeber because they were still selling
blank 8-track cartridges and the adapters for playing cassettes through
8-track players.

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