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Re: Jackass,Viacom&CBS

And my original response was that it was a bogus story that didn't deserve
coverage anyway.

As for corporate censorship, I remember reading a story a couple of years
back about NBC's lack of coverage of GE corporate activities.  I don't
remember all the specifics or where I read the story, but the writer had
many examples where GE's military and nuclear power activities seemed to
have an effect on NBC's coverage of related issues.

I think there is a much greater chance of corporate censorship, and more
serious issues will be ignored, when a media company is owned by a large
company involved in non-media activities.  I see many more possible
conflicts with companies like Hicks/Muse and GE than I do with large
companies that are primarily in media businesses like Viacom and Disney.

-- Dan Billings, Bowdoinham, Maine

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> Getting back to my original post,  I was pointing out that ALL the major
> networks with the exception of CBS (owned by Viacom) covered the story
> and that this is the first instance that I am aware of in which it
> appears corporate control has intefered with news coverage,
> unfortunately I don't think this will be the last case.