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Re: Jackass,Viacom&CBS

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> > I don't think Dan was dismissing the issue. The point I think he 
> was
> trying to make is that parents/guardians/other half-intelligent 
> influences
> on youth should be able to reinforce to them that a.) a lot of 
> people on TV
> really are jackasses and b.) it's not wise to play Follow the 
> Leader,
> especially when watching a show such as this or some of the foolish 
> things
> they do on Road Rules, etc. (I must admit I haven't watched Jackass, 
> so I
> don't know the exact content on the show, but I can imagine...)
> >

Getting back to my original post,  I was pointing out that ALL the major
networks with the exception of CBS (owned by Viacom) covered the story
and that this is the first instance that I am aware of in which it
appears corporate control has intefered with news coverage, 
unfortunately I don't think this will be the last case.