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Re: some "Lost 45s"...

Every song you mentioned Bob I have played on The Saturday Night Sock Hop on
WCAP (Sats 7 - 10pm).
Harper Valley PTA, Convoy and Patches are regular requests.

-Gary Francis
www.sockhop.net AND www.garysicecream.com

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Sent: Wednesday, May 30, 2001 3:27 AM
Subject: some "Lost 45s"...

> Was good to hear Barry Scott's "Lost 45s" back on the
> air. Sounds like it's mostly 70s with some 60s
> (a bit more 60s, please!) Got me thinking about some
> songs that could fall into the "lost 45" category;
> and, to relate it to this list, we can wonder why
> program directors for oldies/classic rock stations
> don't have such songs in their rotation:
> --Harry Chapin, "WOLD". A great story song, with
> background vocals that sound like radio jingles. Maybe
> stations don't want to play this because they don't
> want their listeners to think they've tuned into a
> station called "WOLD", or maybe DJs don't like what
> it's about (a jock who's getting older, divorced,
> bouncing from town to town, etc.). "OK honey I see/
> I guess he's better than me/ Sure ol' girl, I
> understand/ You don't have to worry, I'm such a
> happy man..." Or IS he...
> --Frank & Moon Zappa, "Valley Girl". You almost never
> hear Frank on the radio anyway, but this WAS a legit
> top 40 hit from the early 80s. Maybe this one doesn't
> get played because it was TOO 80s...?
> --country songs like C.W. McCall's "Convoy", Jeannie
> Riley's "Harper Valley PTA". Maybe oldies stations
> figure "if they want those songs, let 'em tune to
> the country oldies show on 'KLB"...
> --Mocedades, "Eres Tu". I actually did hear this on
> "Ocean 104" (standards) while on the Cape but it
> probably isn't on Oldies 103. Wonder why... (gasp!
> they're singing in Spanish! :))
> --B.B. King, "The Thrill is Gone" and Clarence
> Carter, "Patches". Both were legit top 40s hits
> but you probably only can hear them on blues
> shows on college radio.
> Anyway...interesting to wonder why some songs
> become "Lost 45s" (i.e., program directors choose
> not to put them in rotation...)
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