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some "Lost 45s"...

Was good to hear Barry Scott's "Lost 45s" back on the
air. Sounds like it's mostly 70s with some 60s
(a bit more 60s, please!) Got me thinking about some
songs that could fall into the "lost 45" category;
and, to relate it to this list, we can wonder why
program directors for oldies/classic rock stations
don't have such songs in their rotation:

--Harry Chapin, "WOLD". A great story song, with
background vocals that sound like radio jingles. Maybe
stations don't want to play this because they don't
want their listeners to think they've tuned into a
station called "WOLD", or maybe DJs don't like what
it's about (a jock who's getting older, divorced,
bouncing from town to town, etc.). "OK honey I see/
I guess he's better than me/ Sure ol' girl, I
understand/ You don't have to worry, I'm such a
happy man..." Or IS he...

--Frank & Moon Zappa, "Valley Girl". You almost never
hear Frank on the radio anyway, but this WAS a legit
top 40 hit from the early 80s. Maybe this one doesn't
get played because it was TOO 80s...?

--country songs like C.W. McCall's "Convoy", Jeannie
Riley's "Harper Valley PTA". Maybe oldies stations
figure "if they want those songs, let 'em tune to
the country oldies show on 'KLB"...

--Mocedades, "Eres Tu". I actually did hear this on
"Ocean 104" (standards) while on the Cape but it
probably isn't on Oldies 103. Wonder why... (gasp!
they're singing in Spanish! :))

--B.B. King, "The Thrill is Gone" and Clarence
Carter, "Patches". Both were legit top 40s hits
but you probably only can hear them on blues
shows on college radio.

Anyway...interesting to wonder why some songs
become "Lost 45s" (i.e., program directors choose
not to put them in rotation...)

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