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RE: some "Lost 45s"...

I've had some of these songs in my rotation when I did the Rocky W. Shore
Experience 70s Pop show (a few 60s peppered in as they were in the gold
rotation back in the day) at What morphed from WQAI 1570 in 1997 to WYHI in
1998 and WGSR in 2000/2001 in FL.

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> Subject:	some "Lost 45s"...
> Was good to hear Barry Scott's "Lost 45s" back on the
> air. Sounds like it's mostly 70s with some 60s
> (a bit more 60s, please!) Got me thinking about some
> songs that could fall into the "lost 45" category;
> and, to relate it to this list, we can wonder why
> program directors for oldies/classic rock stations
> don't have such songs in their rotation:
> --Harry Chapin, "WOLD".  done that  enjoyed playing it 'though I only had
> the live version at my disposal.  
> --Frank & Moon Zappa, "Valley Girl".   Didn't do that but a good
> candidate... I always include a song even when it was more  a flash in the
> pan or a most asked for/overplayed favorite... all hits great and small.
> The idea is if you heard it on AM back then I'd play it. 
> --country songs like C.W. McCall's "Convoy",  ***Did that one too.
> Sometimes I'd get a trucking thing going with Convoy, Teddy Bear and The
> Grateful Dead's Trucking... Eddie Kendricks' Keep on truckin... in a row.
> We own a good stretch of I-95  and smaller part of I-10. Wildfires raging
> throughout Florida... a plethora of songs  with Fire in the lyrics.  Rain?
> Smokey Mountain Rain Ronnie Milsap, Eric Clapton Let it Rain, etc.... hey,
> it's radio and I'm in charge of the playlist. We're not showing up in the
> ratings but have sponsors.... HAVE FUN WITH IT. The opportunity (/WE) may
> never pass this way again (to quote Seals and Crofts) 
> Jeannie Riley's "Harper Valley PTA". Maybe oldies stations
> figure "if they want those songs, let 'em tune to
> the country oldies show on 'KLB"...
	***The GM, Vena, liked playing that one...

> --Mocedades, "Eres Tu". I actually did hear this on
> "Ocean 104" (standards) while on the Cape but it
> probably isn't on Oldies 103. Wonder why... (gasp!
> they're singing in Spanish! :))
	**** Played that one often. Sometimes when doing overnight DX tests
at 10kw NDA with my 15 year old daughter/board op/coffee fetcher in tow ,
I'd play that and being a first year Spanish student in High School, I'd put
her on the spot live on the air to translate the song. cue the deer in the
headlights look. Follow that with her evil eye shortly thereafter... thanks
Dad... lol.     But hey, she did know the Partridge Family (thanks to TV
Land and VH1's different feature shows), Neil Diamond, Bobby Sherman, Hey,
isn't HE that Vinnie Barbarino guy (John Travolta) from Grease and Saturday
Night Fever??? so on and so forth... 
	Kids, you gotta love 'em. 
> --B.B. King, "The Thrill is Gone" and Clarence
> Carter, "Patches". Both were legit top 40s hits
> but you probably only can hear them on blues
> shows on college radio.
	***  Played Patches, but didn't have any BB King.  Even played some
Led Zepplin's AM radio hits  because they were on AM as well. Got the
airchecks to show... naturally, they were all over FM... but it's fun
seguing that with other POP songs like they did back in the day.  

> Anyway...interesting to wonder why some songs
> become "Lost 45s" (i.e., program directors choose
> not to put them in rotation...)
	That's how we get to play radio doing specialty shows... 

	Ron   Gitschier
	Radio = Fun,  Fun = Radio