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WBNW and others switching patterns from day to night

Perhaps The FCC has a policy to help make stations available to AM DXers who
otherwise may not have logged these stations on thier night power/patterns,

Ron Gitschier
Atlantic Ocean

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> --- Hakim Madjid <HMadjid@mindspring.com> wrote:<snip>  So you think WBNW
> doesn't switch to night time
> > power/pattern like it should, huh? I'm sure the FCC would be real happy
> if they found out.
> No, they wouldn't be. They'd feel like maybe they might be expected to do
> something about it,  <snip>Plus, they'd figure, hey,
> why single out this one out of the ?hundreds? of stations that fail to
> change to night pattern some/most/all of the time . . .