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Re: Red Sox Spanish Play By Play

I don't think WBNW covers Lowell. Remember that 1110 in Salem NH is quite
close by and WBNW's day pattern has a deep null to the north to protect
WNNW. As for Framingham, maybe WBNW reaches that town acceptably on a decent
radio when the station is running its day pattern and power. At night--if
WBNW actually switches to its night pattern and power--something that
happens maybe once every couple of weeks--forget about Framingham. In fact,
when WBBR is coming in well, the night signal isn't that great in parts of
Concord, the COL.

Speaking of Carribean shows, WBNW carried one (maybe still carries it) on
Saturday afternoons for four or five hours. I tuned in once and heard the
program host giving directions on how to pick up the station better (wrap
the ac cord around the radio a few times...). Problem with giving such
instructions over the air is that if you can't hear the station, how do you
hear the instructions? Everybody who can't hear me, please raise your hand.


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Subject: Re: Red Sox Spanish Play By Play

>IIRC, the deal to put the Sox full-time in Spanish this year came a little
bit late in the game, so to speak, and WRCA has some popular Caribbean
programming on Saturdays. Thus, the games went to the station which had some
available air time: 1120. The funny thing is that there aren't many Hispanic
areas which are well-served by 1120's signal, except Lowell and Framingham.
Try picking up 1120 in Dorchester, Somerville, or Roxbury on a normal radio
and you're likely SOL.