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The TIDE's coming in on 98.1FM

CHTD-FM 98.1FM Saint Stephen New Brunswick is on the air testing.

I first heard them last week while scanning the FM dial on my car radio
atop 1500-foot Cadillac Mountain. As expected , their signal at that
elevation was very strong, they are almost within line-of-sight to the
site to the transmitter (80 miles or so).

I was surprised to get them almost as strong down near sea-level in Bar
Harbor.  Even here at my place on the south side of Mount Desert Island,
with a clear unobstructed water-path to the east, they come in well,
although WCTK New Bedford  does occasionallly fade in underneath.

They are running several testing-authority messages stating they are
testing for Industry Canada, owned and operated by New Brunswick
Broadcasting Limited, Studios at 73 Milltown Blvd, Saint Stephen,
Transmitter and Antenna at Bayside NB. Numerous Invitations for
listeners to tune in for the launch of Charlotte County's first radio
station on Friday May 31 at 7:45 AM Atlantic Time. IDing as "98.1FM The
Tide" Format is contemporary country.

I'll be driving over that way next week, and will definitely have to
check out their transmitter site.

Rod O'Connor
Southwest Harbor, Maine