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Re: Talkradio....

Joe writes:
> Has anyone heard this new Laura Ingram on WTKK in the evening?  Last
night I
> was clicking between Brudnoy and her...and they were both doing a
> job...and in the span of time listening to Ingram I heard 2 or 3
> from Boston.  Anyone think she's good enough to make an impact?

I've heard her drop-ins with Imus.  She's funny.  Her wit can get to
the caustic crux before switching to second gear.  Seems like she's
paid her dues, as new talkers go.  Problem is, iirc, she's deeply
lacking in hack background, never held public office, not an
unindicted co-conspirator or convicted felon, ex-rock jock and doesn't
travel with a stylist.  Could be touch & go.  I'd keep those trends
loading to the PDA if I were the PD.

Bill O'Neill