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Re: XM may follow Sirius' lead

> >From the "never saw it coming" department:  All Access reports that
> DC-based XM Satellite Radio may hike their monthly fee now that
Sirius has done
> so already.  At least cable TV offers an actual service before
raising rates!
> Do you suppose they'll both be up to $14.95/month or more by the
time the
> services launch?
> Take care,
> hyperlink-free Chris :)

As for the success of fee-based sat-radio?  Two words: Palm Pilot
(check the numbiz).  Not that either will not, indeed, "make it," but
it's going to be a rocky road...(or cookie dough... et al.)

Someone on the list made a good observation last week about the
inherent weaknesses of satellite radio - no local traffic and weather.
Now, if a provider can find a way....  It just seems ironic that local
terrestrial licensees have all but tossed in the towel on locally
originated programming and along comes a totally bird-based source to
give it a run for its money.  Since listeners have everso gradually
lowered its expectations of the local station, perhaps that will make
sat-radio that much easier to accept.  It's eight before 'the

Bill O'Neill