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Re: Rush

Maybe he's going that that new talker up there,
WXZO (I think those are the calls) 96.7; I think
they're Clear Channel.

--- Bill O'Neill <billo@shoreham.net> wrote:
> Seems like Rush will be moving to a new radio home
> in Burlington, VT.
> To a Clear Channel spot?  He's been on WKDR (1390
> Burlington) for many
> years.  I think he moves Monday.

Ah, I caught your reference to George H.W. Bush
as "41"; supposedly when he and his son "W" talk,
they refer to each other as "41" and "43", after
the "number" President they are. On Harry Shearer's
political/current events satire show, "Le Show",
he does sketches in which they refer to each other

(I get to hear "Le Show" through a tape trader in
California, and you can also hear it over the Net.
I don't think any station near here carries it.
Those interested in the media might get a kick out
of a long-running sketch he does on the show,
"Bad Days at Black Rock", in which he impersonates
Dan Rather and other news media figures. He also
has pointed out how often Tom Brokaw says the word
"tonight" in his newscasts, so maybe tonight we should
check out Tom tonight to see how many times he 
says "tonight" tonight. :) )
> How is Limbaugh faring around the country, these
> days?  Since he
> entered the scene during late Reagan, "41", through
> Clinton and now
> "W" I am curious if anyone's ever tracked to see if
> there's a
> coorelation between Rush's numbers and the liberal :
> conservative
> temperature in Washington.
> WKDR is apparantly adding TalkRadioNetwork's Joy
> Browne to late
> mornings and B. Farber to late aftn'.
> Bill O'Neill
> "Be well, do good work, and keep in touch." Garrison
> Keillor

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